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Detox Center in Utah

Very rarely is a battle fought without an army, and an addiction is a battle that, while many attempt to fight alone, is rarely conquered without the help of others. In the famous words of Sandra Day O’Connor, no one truly accomplishes anything in this world alone. But through the help and support of family, friends and a drug detox and rehab program you or your loved one can achieve one of the greatest accomplishments of life, that of beating an addiction and becoming truly free. Overcoming addiction by replacing it with positive habits takes time, practice and the support of those with extensive experience in recovery as a part of your personal army. And this is why detox centers in Utah exist, to provide support, resources, a listening ear, and to bring our expert advice and treatment plans to the table to help you take charge of your recovery and your life. 

The sooner you seek help, the happier you will be. Nobody wants to be just another statistic or a number in the books, and especially not when that number is the over approx 70,000 individuals who died from drug overdose in the United States each year. Addiction statistics in Utah are also rising, but you are more than a statistic, more than an addict and much more than just a number. You are an individual full of potential and purpose, and that is why the time to act is now. Get the support you need today so that you can achieve your true potential. 

Part of getting support for your recovery process involves choosing a treatment plan, and a detox center in Utah can be a great way for you or your loved one to get the help they need. Read more below to learn about the benefits of treatment at a detox center in Utah. 


Advantages of Treatment at a Detox Center

There are many different options today for detox and rehab. One of the first steps is making sure that you understand the difference between detox and rehab and that you choose a treatment plan that will meet your needs and give you the best possible chance for a complete recovery.

Next, you will need to decide how to participate in detox and rehab, whether that be at home or through an outpatient program, or through enrollment at a detox center. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages and many whose addictions are less severe will choose at home detox programs to go through the detox process without having to enroll at a treatment center. This solution can work for many people, however for those who need a clean and comforting environment away from the challenges of life as well as a support system and the resources of trained medical and professional personnel to help combat the difficulties of the detox process, a detox center is the right choice for you. Here are a few advantages of considering a detox center for you or your loved one. 


A More Conducive Environment

Many habits are tied to our environment and being in a particular environment brings memories and triggers that can make it difficult to change deep rooted habits, especially an addiction. Many try to attempt at-home, rapid detox solutions, which while working for some, don’t necessarily address the environmental causes that brought about the addiction in the first place. At a detox center, not only are you separated from the environment that fueled the addiction in the first place, but you are also separated from many of the stressors of life that can inhibit your recovery. You are able to take a little time away to recenter yourself, become completely clean from the harmful drugs or alcohol that have poisoned your body, and you can begin to develop habits and tools that will make returning to your environment much easier and will lower your chances of relapse. You will better invest in your detox and rehab process through making the decision to change your environment and consider a detox center. 


Medical Assistance Throughout Recovery

The detox process is very difficult and can often be painful. Through detox you are essentially trying to rid your body of a substance that it has depended on for possibly a very long time. Because of this, it is not easy for the body to relinquish its dependence on the substance and doing so “cold turkey” can in some cases be very dangerous and even life threatening. Instead of attempting this process on your own, a detox center can help you work through this process under the supervision of trained medical staff who can monitor your condition and make sure you detox as safely and painlessly as possible. While medically supervised detoxification does not mean the process will be painless, many people report that the process is significantly easier under medical supervision and through medications that can help ease the withdrawal symptoms that come with detox. For especially addictive substances such as alcohol or opioids, medical detox is very necessary to make sure that the detox process is complete and done safely. And for any addiction, having the support of medically trained professionals can be a great asset to help you through the process. 


Psychological and Behavioral Services

Once the detox process is complete, the body has been cleansed of the harmful substance and the physical dependency on the substance has been broken. However, a simple at home detox kit does not address the psychological and behavioral issues that caused the addiction to happen in the first place. Addressing these factors and creating new habits and systems for a new life is the goal of a rehab program after physical detoxification. Treatment programs for rehab are varied and many detox centers will offer rehab programs in addition to help with the detox process. 

By using a detox center, you will be able to complete your treatment all in one setting and with empathetic and experienced professionals there to help you along the way. Detox centers will generally have as part of their organization several on-site psychological counselors, therapists and even recreational therapists trained in a wide variety of methods including cognitive behavioral therapy and others. These professionals will help to develop a customized treatment plan following your medical detox that will help you have a continuous treatment and recovery without the interruptions of day to day life that can come with choosing therapy at home.  This will lead to a better recovery as you are able to fully invest in the detox process and immediately follow that process with a customized treatment plan for rehabilitation. 


A More Complete Detox

Many people have recovered through at home detox programs and rapid detox programs, however the chances of a complete recovery are much less likely. While research has not definitively indicated that these programs don’t work, the National Institute of Drug Administration and researchers at Columbia University and others have indicated that these rapid detox programs tend to be less effective than medical detox at a detox center and this type of detox can sometimes contribute to complications during withdrawal that can affect a person the rest of their life. For these reasons, to make sure that you are safe, as well as making sure that you start your recovery on a foundation of a complete detox, a medical detox at a detox center, while a greater time investment, is likely a much better choice for your recovery. 


Medical Detox and the Detox Process

Many people are unaware of how the process of medical detox works and can feel anxious or apprehensive about participating in medical detox at a detox center.  However, medical detox does not have to be frightening and can actually be a much better solution to recovery even despite a more unfamiliar environment than your home. Here is a little bit about how the medical detox process works to help you understand and make the best choice for you. 

Medical detox typically begins with a patient making an appointment with the physician at the treatment facility. Upon arrival, the physician or their assistant will perform an intake exam and gather basic medical information such as blood work, and basic tests to determine overall physical health, similar to what you would do at a normal physical exam. The doctor will also ask about your history with the substance to make sure that treatment is customized to your needs. 

Once you begin the detox process, the doctor will monitor your withdrawal symptoms every couple of hours to make sure that your body is handling the withdrawal symptoms safely. The doctor can administer medications to ease symptoms throughout the process and will be there to support you until the detox is complete. If you are at a detox center you will often start the process in a room where a doctor can monitor your condition effectively to make sure that you are doing well through the initial withdrawal, but unlike detox in a regular hospital, most detox centers try to make this part of the process feel as much like home as possible. Depending on the center’s policies and the severity of your addiction, you may not be able to use your phone or visit others until the initial detox is complete, but will afterwards be able to talk to family and participate in other activities available at the center while the body is continuing to recover. Through the medical detox process you will be able to safely and much less painfully remove the harmful substance from your body entirely and will be able to better start on your journey to recovery.


Why Detox in Utah? 

Utah is one of the best states to be in to get help and support for overcoming an addiction. While Utah has ranked in the top 10 in the nation for drug abuse, Utah is also one of the states that boasts the most resources dedicated to helping with addiction recovery, mental health and behavioral treatment. Below are a few ways that choosing a detox center in Utah can be a great choice for you and your loved one. 


Experienced Care Providers

People in Utah in general are very aware of addiction problems and much more open and educated about the benefits of detox and addiction recovery. Universities in Utah such as Brigham Young University with their social work and mental health programs as well as the University of Utah with its excellent medical resources boast top quality education programs that help train students and upcoming staff to provide high quality care. And because of Utah’s high addiction rates and the wide variety of detox centers available, the state of Utah attracts some of the best professionals in the industry to work at our facilities and programs and for this reason, Utah has some of the best care around. At a detox center in Utah you will have the opportunity to work with experts who have many years of experience in helping people overcome addiction and renovate their lives. Having that kind of expertise backing you up in your recovery will help you have the best possible chance of success. 


Wide Variety of Options for Care

Utah has detox treatment centers located all throughout the state, to make options for care as easy and accessible as possible. No matter where you live, there is likely to be a treatment center close to you. Utah County boasts over 20 different recovery center options in the county alone, and many many more top rated facilities are available throughout the north and southern parts of the state. In fact, Utah has some of the most top rated facilities available for residential treatment, addiction recovery and behavioral services.  Because of the wide variety of options you are able to choose the location, facility, staff and program that will best meet your needs.


A Recovery Friendly Environment

The detox and rehab process does not have to be boring or completely closed off from the world as some people may picture in their mind. In fact, many detox centers are located near some of the most amazing outdoor landscapes in the world, which are found right here in Utah! For example, recovery centers in St George, Utah, such as Hope Rising Detox and Rehab, are located near the spectacular red rock landscapes that cover much of St George and the options for outdoor recreation as well as exciting events in the city as a part of your detox process are endless. Visit this article to learn more about detox in St. George specifically and to see if Hope Rising Detox is a solution for you. 

In addition to St George, throughout the entire state of Utah we have several beautiful national parks, and other outdoor recreation activities such as hiking, biking, lakes and water activities, and many others, and even just being outdoors in a peaceful and friendly environment can do a great deal to help with your detox and rehab process. For this reason, detox centers are often purposefully located near these attractions and have programs designed to help you take advantage of these opportunities to help in your recovery. Not only that, but Utah also has a deep rooted culture in art, music and has options for a wide variety of activities from plays, to museums, to summer and winter activities and much more. Utah has a wonderful environment of diversions to help you find new beauty in life and discover your talents and purpose. 

In addition to diversions, Utah also has a culture of friendly citizens of whom many have experienced addiction themselves or have people in their life who have struggled and are recovering as well. Utah citizens are familiar with addiction and recovery through the many centers that are available and you can meet many wonderful and kind people here through a detox center that will help you build new friendships and connections. Truly, it is part of human nature that our environment plays a huge role in our habits and how we see the world. Allowing yourself to find new and more positive paradigms, habits and focus in your life through the positive environment of Utah can be a monumental asset to your recovery process. 


About Hope Rising Detox and Rehab

Hope Rising Detox and Rehab is just one of many excellent detox centers in St. George, Utah. Southern Utah has many wonderful options available for detox and we want you to choose the solution that is right for you. At Hope Rising, we differentiate ourselves through our focus on creating a home-like environment that can help individuals find peace during what can be a very challenging time. We are privately owned and have a home like environment rather than an institution or hospital environment, making it much more comfortable and easy to detox and get rehab without anxiety or intimidation. We have outdoor recreation programs to help people utilize the wonderful outdoor scenery we have here in St. George including Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park and other beautiful landscapes. Learn more about Hope Rising on our website or schedule a call or time to visit our facilities. We would love to see how we can help be a part of your team towards a full recovery.