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We aim to make our home your home. Rehab and recovery offers to add incredible value to your life. At our facility in St. George Utah, you can reclaim your life and connect with the nature and beauty that surrounds.

Overcoming Addiction

Overcoming addiction is one of the greatest feats a person can accomplish. However, you probably know it is nearly impossible to do without help, even if you have an intense desire to change. When you go it alone, you might escape the pattern for a few days, only to slip right back into it. The only way to truly escape the cycle of addiction is to replace it with a positive cycle, which requires time, effort and skill. This is why our St. George Rehab and Detox center exists. We provide the resources and safe place in which you can develop the skills to start building your own positive cycles in recovery. We know just as many things need to go right, as initially went wrong, in order for you to fully recover.

The sooner you seek help, the better. Not only does living “one more day” in addiction make recovery that much more difficult, it could also prove to be fatal. CDC reports an average of 192 overdose deaths each day. Don’t delay getting support any longer.

Choosing a treatment path shouldn’t be one of the harder portions of your recovery process. Read on to learn the benefits of treatment at a rehab center.

Hope Rising


The first step in overcoming addiction is identifying that you have a problem and need to seek help. The second step is getting clean, or detoxing. Detoxing is one of the hardest things for someone to do because it requires them to overcome their physical and emotional dependency on the substance. We at Hope Rising know this, which is why we create a detox and recovery plan or read map with you to help you get through this incredibly difficult period. Detox and recovery plans provide comfort, aid, and resources which can come from physical, medical, or social support.

Once someone has successfully completed the withdrawal period, they are ready for the important work of aftercare and recovery. Engaging in aftercare greatly decreases recidivism.

Hope Rising

Underlying Causes

Being a part of a rehab center provides the space to explore what caused the addiction in the first place. Often, substance abuse is an end result of other issues, not a means unto itself. By discovering and addressing the underlying impetus, you can begin the process of uprooting that issue that led to the addiction in the first place.

Part of the way that you find the underlying issues is through space away from the triggers and social circles that enable your negative patterns. Conversations with counselors and other patients provide new angles in which you can view your situation. By doing this, you can determine the factors that led to your current predicament. Often times, the behaviors of  rationalization and justification that come with addiction can hide the true source from which the addiction came. In this stage, you acquire coping skills and positive reaction patterns to aid you in your recovery.

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Recovery Focus

Isolation is one of the most important things a rehab center can offer you in your journey to recovery. Clearly you won’t be isolated from people since you will be surrounded with patients and staff, but you will be isolated from the situations and people that were part of your addiction. This isolation gives you space to engage in treatment and focus on yourself and your recovery.

Getting better takes work, and work takes time and space. A rehab or recovery center provides you with both of those things. The combination of structured time and reflection time, helps you shift your view of recovery from something absolutely overwhelming to something completely attainable.

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Helpful Peers

Peers, whether back at home or those in treatment with you, can play a crucial role in your recovery. They provide a reflection of the progress you have made, and the progress you can make. Engaging with your community has been shown to positively impact recovery. Peers in your program and those in your former life help you to stay on the path to a sober life. Support structures give you someone to turn to when things get tough. More importantly, they give you someone to celebrate your success.

Recovery is challenging and going it alone doesn’t work. Focusing on other people that have overcome or are overcoming addiction need you as much as you need them. This provides a needed sense of importance and belonging.

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Why Rehab in St. George?

Not only does attending rehab offer incredible value to your life, so does the actual city of St. George and surrounding southern Utah! If you want to feel connected to nature and beauty year-round, there is no better place to be than St. George, Utah. Its climate is warm and moderate, making it easy to engage with the beauty of the local terrain. St. George is known for its red rock, which with its combination of reds, pinks, and white stone, can remind some of Mars in aesthetic!

The City

Downtown St. George offers all of the usual benefits of a larger city, but without the downsides. Crime is low, population density isn’t overwhelming, and the cost of living isn’t too high. The city also serves as an island of commerce and comfort surrounded by open country. You can go from the heart of traffic to a rural hike in fifteen minutes. The wide-open sky isn’t tainted with the pollution of larger areas.


Due to local colleges and a fantastic climate, a thriving artistic community has sprung up in St. George. All manner of dancers, painters, sand artists, and sculptors have made their home in this beautiful city. In the spring and summer, weekly street fairs provide ample opportunity to explore the city and meet people.


Living in St. George, Utah comes with some fantastic perks! In addition to local lakes within 20 minutes of downtown, it’s only a two-hour drive to either Lake Mead or Lake Powell for water sports and boating. National Parks such as Bryce Canyon and Zion are close by. You could even take a round trip to Vegas or Salt Lake in less than a day!

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Embrace the possibilities of a bright future at our St. George Rehab Center. Don’t go it alone when there are resources available.

Contact us for information on our treatment protocols and join us in this beautiful and tranquil corner of Utah.