Residential/Inpatient Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Client Questions

How long will I be in the residential program?

The residential program is a 30-day commitment and in that time you will begin your therapy work as well as start planning for aftercare with things like housing, employment, and ongoing outpatient treatment.

What do I need to bring?

Please refer to our list of  What to bring and what not to bring. 

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How does the residential program work?

The purpose of a residential program is to get you out of the environment where you have currently been and give you the opportunity to start taking steps to plan for a better future. There is a full daily schedule in the residential program and it is filled with things like groups, classes, therapy sessions, activities, assignments, service, and attending outside recovery meetings and events.

Can I smoke or vape while I’m there?

Yes you can smoke or vape and make sure to bring enough supplies to last you for your time there. If you run out then you will need to provide the money for staff members to pick more up for you, and they only do this once per week. Smoking or vaping is NOT allowed indoors and you must go outside in the backyard to the designated smoking area.

What do I do if I am already on other medications?

Bring any medications that you are currently taking with you when you come to check in. All medications must be in their original pill containter and may not be expired. Our doctors will need to review and approve any medications that you bring, but most medications will be allowed to continue taking. You will not be able to take any narcotics or controlled substances unless approved by the medical director.

What is the daily schedule like?

In the morning you’ll wake up and go to the gym, then come back to shower and get ready for the day. You’ll eat breakfast and then start the morning block of groups, classes, counseling etc. Then you’ll break for lunch and then start the afternoon block of groups, classes, counseling etc. Then you’ll break for dinner, and after dinner we will take you to different community meetings or activities. There is also down time built into the schedule as well.

How often do I meet with a therapist?

You will be assigned to a specific therapist when you get there and you will meet with your therapist within the first 48 hours. After that you will have weekly one on one appointments with your therapist. If more frequent one on one sessions are needed then you will discuss this with your therapist.

What happens after I complete the residential program?

After you complete the residential program you will then go on to complete two additional outpatient programs called “Day Treatment” and “Intensive Outpatient” (IOP). We can also help you arrange sober living for after you complete the residential program.

Will I have my own room?

No. All of the rooms have multiple beds in them and you will most likely always have a roommate.

Will I be able to use my cell phone while I’m there?

No you will not be able to use your cell phone or any other electronic device. This includes tablets and electronic book readers like a Kindle etc.

Can I make phone calls and have visitors?

Yes you will be able to make phone calls and have visitors but only after you have completed your blackout period.

What is the “Blackout” period?

The first 7 days that you are there you will be on a “blackout” period which means no phone calls and no visitors. The purpose of the blackout period is to allow you to become very accustomed to the environment, the schedules, the processes, and the people.

How often can I make phone calls?

You will be issued five 10-minute phone passes per week, and you will only be allowed to use your phone passes to call people who have been approved by your therapist. Behavior issues and non-compliance issues will result in the loss of phone passes.

How often can I have visitors?

There are two different times per week when visitors are allowed to come and visit. Wednesday nights there is a family program where visitors come to dinner and then stay for a presentation. There is also visiting hours on Sunday afternoons where visitors can come and spend time at the house visiting.

What is the food like?

All the food is provided and everyone in the group will share the responsibilities on deciding the menu, preparing, and clean up. You may bring your own snacks or have snacks dropped off but energy drinks are not allowed. We also do not do personal shopping for clients.

Can I bring my pet?

Pets are not allowed at the residential program. This also includes service animals.

Will I be able to meet with a doctor?

Yes you will meet with the doctor in person within the first 48 hours of being there. Throughout the rest of your stay there if you would like to meet with the doctor then you will need to fill out a request form.

Family Member Questions

How long will my family member be there?

The residential program is a 30 day commitment and while they are there they will participate in the curriculum as well as begin planning for aftercare as well.

Will I be able to talk to them on the phone while they are there?

Clients will be allowed to make phone calls throughout the week at designated times. You will not be able to call the facility and talk to them. You will need to wait until they call you.

Will I be able to visit them while they are there?

Yes they are allowed to have visitors but all visitors must be approved first, and all visitors must wait to visit until you have been invited by the client or a staff member. There are a couple nights per week when you will be able to come and visit them there at the facility.

When are the visiting times?

On every other Wednesday night visitors are allowed to come to dinner and a program. The program after dinner will consist of various speakers or a presentation of some sort. There are also visiting hours on Sunday afternoons. Specific times will be given to you when you are approved and invited to come.

What if I need to drop something off at the facility for my family member?

You cannot come to the residential facility to drop things off unless you make an appointment with our Residential House Manager first. To make an appointment please contact the House manager at the info listed below. You are always allowed to drop things off at our outpatient building during regular business hours located at 671 South 1000 East St George Utah 84790 and we will then take it to the residential facility.

What if there is an emergency situation?

If there is an emergency situation going on then please call the Residential House Manager or Case Manager listed below during regular business hours. If it is outside regular business hours then please call our 24 hour line listed below.

What happens after the residential program?

When they come to the residential program we will help them build an aftercare plan in order to help them be successful after they complete the residential program. Aftercare planning starts with informing them of all the options and resources that are out there where they can continue to get help. These things often include: Outpatient Treatment, Medication Management, Counseling, Sober Living, etc.

What other resources are available to support family members?

On Wednesday nights from 5:30pm to 7:00pm we offer a free Family Support Group where you can come and learn how to best support your family member or friend that has been struggling with addiction. We strongly recommend that you come and attend this group and you are welcome to continue attending for as long as you’d like even after your family member or friend is no longer in services with us.

Case Manager: Cassi Barreras
Phone Number: 435-632-2335
Email Address: [email protected]

24 hour line: 435-635-3335

Residential House Manager: Amanda Wright
Phone Number: 435-817-2697
Email Address: [email protected]

Physical Address: 1474 South 2300 East
New Harmony, Utah 84757

For 24 hour Substance Use Admissions Call 435-632-3335 /

For Mental Health, Family Practice, or Medication Assisted Treatment call 435-215-7533