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Hurricane Rehab & Detox Center | Hope Rising

Learn more about how treatment in Hurricane / Southern Utah can help in your recovery.

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Hope Rising Recovery

Located at the mouth of Zion’s National Park, our completely remodeled Hurricane Rehab & Detox location has all the latest amenities with all the comforts of home, and there is no better place to be when you are not feeling yourself than at home. From alcohol rehab and detox to residential care, our “home” was designed with our clients in mind. We went the extra mile to make sure our clients feel at home. From the couches to the beds with your own take-home comfy blanket….from the multiple large screen TV’s with multiple streaming options to the gaming areas…..from the indoor activities to the outdoor activities…from the personalized food options to the take-out options….. we do it all with you in mind…. FAMILY!

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Embrace the possibilities of a bright future at our Hurricane Rehab Center. Don’t go it alone when there are resources available. Contact us for information on our treatment protocols and join us in this beautiful and tranquil corner of Utah.


865 W 100 N
Hurricane, UT 84737