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Welcome Home

Our home is your home. From the moment you walk in our doors you are family. No judgement, just love. Come in, relax, make yourself at home and let our staff help you down the road to recovery.

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Why This Place?

While most detox options are conducted in an institution or a state-run facility, Hope Rising is unique in that it operates in a “home environment” surrounded by the beauty of southern Utah, making your recovery as comfortable as possible. There is no better place to be when you are not feeling yourself than at home. So, we built Hope Rising with that in mind and have gone out of our way to make your stay feel like home. From the couches to the beds with your own take-home comfy blanket…from the multiple TV’s with multiple streaming options to the gaming areas….from the indoor activities to the outdoor activities….from the personalized food options to the take-out options…. we do it all with you in mind…family!

What Does The Facility Look Like?

Feel free to peruse the facility with the photos below or take a virtual tour with our video.