Outpatient Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Client Questions

How long is the Outpatient Program?

There are two levels of outpatient treatment and they are:

  • Day Treatment –  2 to 3 months long.
  • IOP (Intensive Outpatient)- 4 to 6 months long.

What are the Day Treatment hours that I need to be there?

There are two different blocks of time for you to choose from to do Day Treatment.

  • Morning group goes from 9:30am to 2:30pm
  • Evening group goes from 4:00pm to 8:30pm

What are the IOP hours that I need to be there?

There are two different blocks of time for you to choose from to do IOP..

  • Morning group goes from 7:00am to 9:15am
  • Evening group goes from 5:30pm to 8:30pm

Can I have a job while in doing Outpatient treatment?

Yes having a job is recommended when you are in outpatient treatment, but your job hours cannot interfere with your treatment hours. So as long as you find a job that does not conflict with your time in treatment then that is allowed.

Where do I live when I am in Outpatient Treatment?

If you do not already have a safe place to live then we can help you get into sober living. This will be done with your Case

What do I do when I am there?

Outpatient treatment is largely group based, and you will also have a therapist that you will meet with one on one. In the time that you will be there each day you will participate in process groups, education classes, life skills training, and lots of different
activities such as hiking, yoga, meditation, pickleball, movies, etc.

What if I have court issues or other obligations?

We have a Case Management component here in outpatient treatment which means that there is a Case Manager on site which will help you manage all the things going on in your life such as court issues, housing, job placement etc. If you have court obligations which require documentation being sent to verify presence and progress in treatment then all of this you will do with your Case Manager.

Is there a doctor that I can meet with while I’m there?

Yes there are doctors here at the outpatient building that can provide Medication Management, MAT, and also take care of all your Primary Care needs. If you would like to meet with the doctor then just request to get on their schedule and we will help you set an appointment with them.

Is there drug testing?

Yes you will be drug tested 2-3 times per week both regularly and randomly. When you come to start we will tell you all about the drug testing schedule.

What is the counseling like?

There are several therapists that run the outpatient programs. You will be assigned to one specific therapist that you will meet with one on one throughout your time in outpatient treatment.

Family Member Questions

How long will my family member be in outpatient treatment?

  • Day Treatment –  2 to 3 months long.
  • IOP (Intensive Outpatient)- 4 to 6 months long.

Will I be able to talk to them on the phone while they are there?

Outpatient Treatment is not the same as Inpatient Treatment. When they are at the Outpatient level of care they will be able to have their own phones with them and there are no restrictions on communication outside of group hours.

Will I be able to visit them while they are there?

Outside of group hours they are free to go wherever or do whatever they’d like. So visiting them at the facility is not necessary, and you are welcome to spend time with them anytime outside of their required group hours.

What if there is an emergency situation?

If there is ever an emergency situation, or if you have any information that you feel like we need to know about then please contact the Case Manager listed below. Or you can call the front desk at the number listed below.

How will I know if they are attending and making progress?

In order to share any information with you then the client will need to first sign a release form allowing us to release information to outside people or entities. If you would like to receive regular progress updates then please discuss this with the Case Manager listed below.

What happens after the outpatient program?

By the time they are ready to complete the outpatient program they should be at a point in life where they are able to stand on their own two feet and support themselves with things such as housing, jobs, and other responsibilities. We have an Alumni program where they are able to still come and participate in groups and activities and events for as long as they’d like.

What other resources are available to support family members?

On Wednesday nights from 5:30pm to 7:00pm we offer a free Family Support Group where you can come and learn how to best support your family member or friend that has been struggling with addiction. We strongly recommend that you come and attend this group and you are welcome to continue attending for as long as you’d like even after your family member or friend is no longer in services with us. It is located at the address listed below.

Case Manager: Rayn Morrison

Phone Number: 435-383-2903
Email Address: [email protected]

Physical Address: 671 South 1000 East St George Ut 84790

Front Desk: 435-215-7533
24 hour line: 435-635-3335

For 24 hour Substance Use Admissions Call 435-632-3335 /

For Mental Health, Family Practice, or Medication Assisted Treatment call 435-215-7533