Why Hope Rising

The Mayfield family, tired of watching one of their own family members battle the evils of addiction, while at the same time battle the stigma addiction brings including from treatment centers, they decided there must be a better way. Being retired law enforcement and firemen, the Mayfields set out to do better in the recovery community. 


They began with you as their number one priority! They believed that no person should be judged or treated subpar because of their addiction and should be treated like family, no matter what. They also believed that everyone’s path to recovery is different and unique to them. Each person has a different personality, and with that comes different likes, dislikes, and needs. They understand that what works for one may not work for another. Therefore, we provide many unique ways to help you get through the detox and/or recovery process. This includes starting at a level of care that is right for you. 


Because we do individualized care and do not subscribe to the one size fits all mentality, we offer our family members all tools available to them. Such tools include medication assisted treatment (MAT), mental health counseling, mental health medications, and full family practice. (Make the “medication assisted treatment”, “mental Health medications” and “family practice” hyperlinks to the other pages.)


Starting as a small detox center for those addicted to drugs and alcohol, we have grown into a full service recovery, mental health and family practice. Clients from all over the United States have come to be part of our family. We believe our success is the way we treat our clients who we call, family members.

For 24 hour Substance Use Admissions Call 435-632-3335 /

For Mental Health, Family Practice, or Medication Assisted Treatment call 435-215-7533