April 20, 2020

Embrace the limp- Be your own Mosaic

Hope Rising

Aren’t we all a little Mosaic?

Webster defines “Mosaic” as “a surface decoration made by inlaying small pieces of variously colored material to form pictures or patterns.” Isn’t that what we are all made of? Little pieces of variously colored experiences of life, friends, family, circumstances, addictions and choices? It is all these little pieces that make up who we are. It is what makes us a human Mosaic.


There is no set playbook for what WE are all going through when it comes to addiction. We are not always able to rely on our own wisdom or “wisdom” of friends and family. We can try; we can make mistakes; we can adjust; and we can just continue to roll on.  But what if we make “many mistakes” as we continue in developing our Mosaic? What if we’re lacking in motivation for addiction recovery? What if the criticism is loud and often and comes from inside and outside—so what?  But what if our own brokenness can lead to breakthroughs?

Broken Pieces – Mosaic

Author and blogger Rosalina Chai likes to think of herself as a “Mosaic, made of many broken pieces.”

Chai said, “Mosaic is at once intricate yet majestic” just like us as people.  And it is precisely its brokenness (like us in addiction recovery or dealing with addiction) that lends Mosaic its perception of fragile beauty…and isn’t this true of our humanity?….What is it about brokenness that we find so offensive?”

“What would happen when we accept and embrace that being broken is an essential part of humanity’s being?  What would happen when we cease to label brokenness (Addiction) as bad?  What would it take for us to cease labeling brokenness as bad?  I can imagine one certainty….MORE peace.”

“Accepting and embracing brokenness (addiction) is not the same as using another’s brokenness to feel better about ourselves.  Rather, it is an acknowledgment of our common humanity.  When I accept my own brokenness, and do NOT judge myself harshly because of it, I find myself capable of more compassion towards others regardless of whether I am aware of the form of brokenness they’ve experienced. We were not meant to be alone in our brokenness. We were meant to come together, so that another form of beauty may be birthed through the collective.”

Our Brokenness

How do we start to accept, and heal our brokenness and avoid all the judgment and criticism of others at the same time? It starts with one step at a time, with those who understand and embrace the “brokenness” of themselves and others. It starts by learning what makes up YOUR Mosaic. It starts by seeking help from others who are working on their Mosaic.

Chai ends by saying, “none of us are flawless” and it is ok to walk “with an occasional limp instead of a continual strut. I am learning to embrace my limp because I’m learning so much.”

Come and learn how to limp. Come and learn how to heal. Come and learn about addiction. Come and learn about recovery. Come and learn about Detox. Come and learn how Southern Utah can help you in recovery. Come and learn how to make YOUR Mosaic. Call us at Hope Rising Detox and Rehab and let us help you embrace your limp and brokenness. 435-375-3459.

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April 20, 2020


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