March 18, 2020

Detox and Rehab Programs Adjusted for COVID-19

Hope Rising


At Hope Rising Detox and Rehab our top priority is our clients and staff. Because of this, we want our clients and staff to be safe from the spread of corona-virus (COVID-19). We will follow guidelines for how to handle signs and symptoms that are provided by the Utah Department of Health (UDOH), CDC and the WHO. Hope Rising staff has been educated about monitoring any signs and symptoms and reporting them to our medical staff. Our medical staff has insured that we are following the UDOH and CDC guidelines and will report any incidents to our local health department.

We are currently accepting patients into our program. We also are taking increased precautions. Hope Rising has implemented a full scale infection control plan including the following:

Facility Precautions

  • Hope Rising has purchased additional sanitary supplies including antibacterial soap, hand sanitizes, antimicrobial wipes, bleach, and disinfectant sprays.
  • We have increased cleaning and maintenance for a complete and thorough wipe down of all surfaces in the individual client rooms and common areas. Staff has been instructed to perform continuous disinfection of surfaces and other areas where infection can be transmitted, (i.e, door knobs, light switches, etc.)
  • All employees have been instructed to stay home if they have any signs or symptoms of being ill. Employees who report to work ill will be sent home in accordance with the UDOH health guidelines.
  • Employees planning to travel out of the immediate area are required to contact human resources in advance to discuss possible restrictions in Quarantine’s mandated by CDC guidelines.
  • Due to the nature of our business, telecommuting is not conducive to our work environment and our ability to serve our clients. Currently, all employees will report to their work locations as usual. We will communicate any updates as needed based on CDC guidelines.


Client Precautions

In addition to the increased education on infection control protocols being provided, we have also set guidelines in place in order to limit exposure.

  • Some Client outings have been temporarily postponed (this includes outside meetings) – Alternative options have been made
  • Clients are urged to keep a safe distance from other persons
  • Clients have been instructed to report to medical staff any symptoms… Including cough, fever, body aches, etc
  • Frequent hand washing throughout the day
  • Cover cough/sneeze
  • Outside visitation will be temporarily restricted

Clients and/or visitors will not be allowed in to the facility if they have any of the symptoms listed under clinical features or if they have been in high risk corona-virus areas.

If a client does contract corona-virus, they will be isolated and quarantined on location. The client will only be handled by designated staff with the proper personal protective equipment. The local department of health will be informed so that they may come out and provide further guidance on how to best handle the individual. All suspected cases are reported to the department of health, and they will be handling it accordingly. A deep cleaning will occur at the location that has a patient with corona-virus present. The deep cleaning includes top to bottom disinfectant and heavy antimicrobial solution as well as all clients remaining in their room during this time.

Upon admission to our detox or residential programs, all clients will undergo an evaluation which includes checking their temperature for fever, observation for any coughing, sneezing or respiratory issues, etc., and blood work on a case by case basis.

We will be monitoring the virus and all new developments to insure we are up to date on all safety/medical recommendations to keep our clients and staff safe.

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March 18, 2020


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