October 23, 2019

Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission

Hope Rising

Gold Seal? What does that mean?

We at Hope Rising Detox and Rehab want the best care possible for our clients. To help us ensure we are among the best in Utah, and in the industry in general, we voluntarily underwent a rigorous evaluation by The Joint Commission. The goal of the evaluation is to see if our facility and staff meet the Joint Commission’s tough performance standards by “delivering quality, safe care.”

The Joint Commission accredits and certifies health care programs all over the world. Their goal is to set the “highest standards for health care quality throughout the world.” To set these high standards, “The Joint Commission consults doctors, nurses, and quality and safety experts to review the current standards and make recommendations for improvements.”


Accreditation and Certification

Receiving the Gold Seal Certification shows that our facility and staff have gone above and beyond to provide and improve areas that affect the quality and safety of our clients care.
Accreditation by The Joint Commission is considered an honor and shows we adhere to the highest standards in the health care industry, specifically when dealing with detox. Specially trained professionals, who are experts in their fields, came to our facility and conducted a review/inspection that monitored how well we performed our duties and evaluated the level of care we provide. We are excited and proud to say that we not only met, but in many cases exceeded, the Gold Standard and have achieved our accreditation and Gold Seal of approval from The Joint Commission!


Who are we?

We are Hope Rising Detox and Rehab located in beautiful Southern Utah. We provide a safe haven of HOPE, support, and love to assist you back to being you. Our highly trained staff of nurses, doctors, therapists, and technicians provide the individual attention you need for your unique addiction detox/recovery.

We specialize in minimizing these painful side effects in a home-centered, safe, supportive, environment. We incorporate trained staff that can facilitate medications and therapy to aid in your comfortable detox/recovery.

While most detox options are conducted in an institution or a state-run facility, Hope Rising is unique in that it operates in a home environment (for inpatient treatment) surrounded by the beauty of Southern Utah, making your recovery as comfortable as possible.

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Hope Rising

October 23, 2019


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