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Hope Rising Detox and Rehab Centers

Come Out of the Darkness of Addiction Into the Light of Recovery

Providing individualized and customized treatment for individuals and families suffering from substance abuse and mental health challenges.


Recovery is our number one priority.

We understand that everyone’s journey is personal and scary to them. We understand, because addiction is personal to us. We take everyone’s recovery seriously and personal. This is why we gave birth to Hope Rising. While other recovery centers may treat their clients to a one size fits all service, we believe in individualized and customized treatment that incorporates substance abuse and mental health. We had you in mind from day one.


It’s not too late.
There is hope.

At Hope Rising Detox and Rehab WE CARE. We understand how hard it is to make a change in your life. We understand the feeling of hopelessness and despair when it comes to addiction. We understand the physical and mental challenges you face when it comes to recovery. We understand the difficulties of friend and family relationships that have been damaged as a result of addiction. We understand you may be facing legal and financial challenges. We understand how scary it all can be. But it is never too late to make a change.

There is Hope and help! We know because we have helped countless people just like you overcome these challenges and many more as they moved down their road to recovery. We know with our help, you CAN overcome the demons you face with addiction. We know there is a road to sobriety for everyone and not everyone takes the same road! It is no mistake that “Hope” is in our name. We know with our help, together we can restore your Hope in yourself, your recovery and your life of sobriety. Let us help you begin your journey today!

Our Methodology

We believe that all judgment is checked at the door. Whether it’s your first time or 100th attempt at recovery, you deserve to be treated with respect and be treated like family. In our care that’s just what you become….Family! From the moment you enter our home, your recovery is our number one priority. 

We believe there are many ways a person can successfully navigate the detox and/or recovery process. Each person has a different personality, and with that comes different likes, dislikes, and needs. We understand what works for one may not work for another. 

Therefore, we provide many unique customized avenues to help you get through the recovery process. These plans can include mental health services, medication management, medication assisted treatment, individual and group therapy, and a variety of other services. Recovery doesn’t have to be, and shouldn’t be, scary or intimidating. 

You don’t need to suffer from the struggles of addiction any longer: We provide a safe haven of hope, support, and love to assist you back to being you.

Available to talk 24/7

We want to help. Get the support you need to start a life free from addiction.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

Hope Rising has not only helped me get back on my feet, but they have been the kindest and most patient people I've met working there. This place was comfortable and gentle in making sure I was set up with the help I needed afterwards. Love them. If you need help, call.

Cathryn C

I am so grateful to Hope Rising and the staff there. They helped me get sober. The home is very nice and provides a comfortable environment to go through some of the toughest times of your life. Each staff member really cares and is just a God send. If you are thinking about detox, this is the place!

Sherry B.

I came in and every one was so friendly and accommodating. I was nervous going In to the experience and I was made to feel comfortable. Namely Travis, Ronda Darcy and everyone who facilitated my stay. The provider was also quick at getting me on meds and making me
comfortable. I would definitely recommend this place to a loved one.


I came into this facility expecting something cold and medical. I experienced something totally different. Friendly but professional staff and a beautiful home that made the sometimes painful process of detox more comfortable than I could have hoped. Thank you to all the staff for making me want to continue on to the next step.

Heather E.

Have lots of love for Hope Rising detox! I tried and tried to detox by myself but I failed every time. Thanks to hope rising I was finally able to detox comfortably and get my life back. The staff were so loving and able to relate and be a support to the situation I got myself into. I would highly recommend hope rising to anyone that wants a comfortable detox.

Haley L.

I've been to detox all over the country and never have I had such a great experience as I did at Hope Rising. The house is beautiful and homely. The staff is amazing and feels like family. I loved this place!

Tasha B.

I want to thank you for helping my daughter through this trying time in her life. Without the love and support from Hope Rising I don’t think she would have been able to do this. Much love to the Mayfields and the wonderful, caring staff. I’m forever grateful...

Therease W.

They was really amazing and made you feel like they genuinely cared about you and what you wanted in your recovery. And was super kind and nice! Especially Ronda, Travis, and Scott!

James R.

Hope rising saved my life tyler is amazing it feels like home there and they help you and set you up with the right people for your recovery thank you so much.

Amanda B.

Find hope and be successful on your journey to SOBRIETY.

We care! Everyone that walks through our doors is family. Our trained team of professionals, which includes doctors and therapists, saves lives by helping people safely rid the pains of recovery through therapy, medication, support, love, and hope and put them on a path of lifetime recovery. We believe everyone, no matter their background, deserves hope.
It Is Not Too Late

You don’t need to suffer from the struggles of addiction any longer: broken relationships, regrets, darkness, loss of control, fear, hopelessness.

There Is Hope

At Hope Rising your recovery is our number one priority. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Let Us Be Your Guide

Hope Rising was founded with you in mind. We care about you and want you to be successful. We understand what you are going through. There is no judgment in our home.